Get more play in your day at Doogie’s Doggie Daycare & Spa! We offer premier care with no hidden fees. Whether your dog is here for half a day, full day or a groom & play, they’ll play all day with furry friends and get lots of TLC from our Daycare Staff. With Doogie’s, you get the best care at the best value because your pup’s day of play includes:

  • All Day Play
  • Spacious Play Yards
  • Check In/Out Anytime During Daycare Hours
  • Lots of TLC
  • Medicine Administration
  • Pet First Aid & CPR Certified Counselors

Doggie Daycare




Grooming Services




  • Full Service Bath Only $30 +tax
  • Full Grooming Starting at $50 +tax

    Includes: Brush, Clip n' Cut, Nail Trim, Gland Expression, Bath, Blow Dry.

    *Prices vary depending on pet size and style of groom, discounted maintenance pricing also available.

  • A La Carte Grooming Prices vary

    Additional services added to a full Groom or stand alone service without Full Groom. Contact us for more details.

  • Half Groom Prices Vary

    A half groom is for those in between dogs. Dogs who need a trim but not complete clipping. Examples include Golden Retriever, Husky, Aussie's ect. This service includes Bath, blow out, nail trim, check anal glands and trim up feet, pant, tail and ears.

Pooch Parties




  • Basic Package $150

    Rent the daycare facility for a private party for 2 hours for up to 10 guests and their doggie pals. Anytime after 6:30pm M-F or Anytime Saturday and Sunday.

    *Note: All dogs must meet the requirements for attending public daycare.

  • Ultimutt Pawty Package prices vary

    In addition to Basic Party options, you will get a custom doggie cake, dog treats and decorations. Price will depend on number of guests and dogs.

  • A La Carte Package prices vary

    Add on additional options and more friends. Contact us for more details.


Dog Training Classes


TO $150

Basic Obedience Class

Basic Classes teaches everyday needed commands. It covers Sit-Stay, Down-Stay, Walking & Heeling, Come to Call, and other basic problems including  jumping, barking, and biting issues. We will focus on teaching your dog to pay attention to you, and walk on a leash without pulling. You will learn how to apply some very simple strategies from our dog trainers that have a POSITIVE affect on the relationship your dog will have with you and the outside world. 

This course is a MUST for every dog and their owner. Dogs that are obedience trained lead a happier life and can become a closer member of your family once you have the proper control. 

This is a 6 week group class that meets for 1 hour a week. Watch our Facebook page for the next class or Register in advance online.


6 Week Class

Advanced Obedience Class

This class continues to build on the behaviors your dog started in Basic Dog Training & Obedience.  All dogs must have previously completed Basic Dog Training & Obedience here at Doogie’s prior to beginning the Advanced Dog Training & Obedience class. Dogs that completed Basic Courses in Obedience through other facilities would require an evaluation to determine if your dog is eligible to bypass our Basic Obedience course; we do this to ensure the quality of our training as well as the safety of everyone taking classes with us.

Advanced Dog Training & Obedience features include:
expanding the commands learned in the Basic Training Class but more on recall and place, heel while walking on a leash and handling more distractions.

This 6-week course (one day a week) is open to dogs of all breeds that have completed Basic Obedience training. Watch our Facebook page for the next class or Register in advance online.


Coming Soon

The Canine Good Citizen Program

This class is the ultimate in dog training and preparation for the highest level of dog training. The AKC Canine Good Citizen Program teaches good manners to dogs and responsible dog ownership to their owners. The 10-step CGC test is a non-competitive test for all dogs, including purebreds and mixed breeds. It is a prerequisite for many therapy dog groups and some homeowner’s insurance companies encourage CGC testing. There are also an increasing number of apartments and condos that require resident dogs to pass the CGC test.

Learn More about the steps on the AKC Website


We’ve designed Doogie’s Doggie Daycare to be a clean, safe, friendly place where a dog can be a dog all day long. In order to ensure the safety and health of all guests and staff, we have some information we’d like to share with you.

Yes! While your dogs are at Doogie’s, they are under constant supervision, both inside and outside. We keep our dog to staff ratio small to make sure our pack play is safe and fun for everyone.

Your dogs must be current on the following vaccinations: Distemper, Hepatitis, Parvo, (DHPP or DAPP)  Bordetella, and Rabies. Bordetella (Or Kennel Cough) is not always a regular course vaccine, so make sure your vet includes it. Your dog can play at Doogie’s Doggie Daycare right after receiving Distemper, Rabies or Bordetella vaccines.


Dogs must be at least 12 weeks of age or older. Between 12 and 16 weeks, please check with your vet before entering your dog into a daycare environment.

Dogs must be spayed or neutered over the age of 9 months old to attend daycare at Doogie’s Doggie Daycare & Spa.

No bowls necessary.
We have stainless steel bowls and a system for washing them all. Unless your dog will not eat or drink from another bowl, plan on using our bowls during your dog’s stay.

No Toys are necessary. 

Your dog will appreciate a familiar diet while you are away. When bringing your own food, individually portioned plastic bags work well for dog meals.  It’s very common for dogs new to daycare to skip a meal while at daycare. On the other hand, some dogs burn off so much energy that they may want a mid-day meal or snack.

Bring any medication(s) clearly labeled with your dog’s name and dosage instructions. There is no extra charge for administering medications.

When you sign the Doogie’s Doggie Daycare waiver, you are consenting to emergency medical care in the event your pet(s) become seriously ill. We will make every attempt to contact you at the emergency phone number provided. However, if we cannot reach you, you can be assured your veterinarian, or the Emergency Vetrinarian Clinic will provide the best possible care for your pet(s). All veterinarian bills are the responsibility of the owner, regardless of the cause./

You can drop off or pick up a dog anytime between 6 am and 6 pm weekdays at Doogie’s Doggie Daycare. A half-day is 6 hours or less, a full day, anything over 6 hours. While we do not separate our half days into strict morning and afternoon slots, you can plan your drop off time to maximize playtime. Our system calculates the time for you automatically. Our daycare packages make drop-offs and pick-ups extra fast!

If you are new to Doogie’s Doggie Daycare, please complete the online registration and set up a time for us to get to know your dog and evaluate his play style and abilities. If you are already a client, you are welcome to drop in to Doogie’s Doggie Daycare & Spa anytime for a play date. However during busy times such as holiday breaks, or extremely hot or cold spells we can fill up. Reserve a spot when you are at Doogie’s, call ahead of time to reserve a spot, or reserve a spot with your online access. We are always available to help.

We want to provide our dogs and their caregivers with the best possible environment for safe and fun play. We keep to industry best practices by allowing a safe square footage per dog and keeping our staff to dog ratio to a safe and fun experience.

Weekday hours

Monday – Friday:  6am – 6pm

Weekend reception office hours for pick up and drop off

Holiday Reception Closings (varies on participation)

Our Reception area is closed on the following holidays

Holiday closings: Christmas and New Year’s Day, Thanksgiving Day, Easter Sunday, Labor Day, Memorial Day and Fourth of July.

At Doogie’s Doggie Daycare & Spa we know that working on manners makes the day better for dogs, staff and owners alike. We will work with your dog on behaviors such as jumping up, pulling, nipping or excessive barking. Let us know how we can help you.
We have a few rules of politeness when we enter and exit Doogie’s Doggie Daycare & Spa.

All dogs must be leashed and in owner’s control until staff takes the dog.

Be aware of other leashed dogs in the lobby and parking lot, and watch your dog carefully as Superior Avenue is a busy street.

Our check in and check out area is in the lobby. We will take your dog through the gate and bring him up the same way at the end of the day. Our gate system ensures all of our dogs are safe, and the back entry/exit prevents dogs from having to meet unannounced at the landing of our front door.

At Doogie’s Doggie Daycare & Spa we are committed to the safety, health and happiness of every kind of dog. We build our business on improving the lives of the dogs in our care. To that end, we developed a thorough application and evaluation process for our canine clients. All dogs must pass this before entering our group play environments. A small percentage will not make it due to excessive possessiveness, territorial behaviors or fear aggression.

For new clients, our assessment appointment offers a chance for our team to meet you and your dog, answer any questions you may have, and show you our facilities. Dogs have different play styles and comfort levels and our staff is trained to watch each dog for the best fit. 

Once registered, we also encourage people to stop by with their dog when running errands for a free evaluation visit. This will help your dog become better integrated into the group.

After our dogs enter into pack play, our trained staff continually observes the temperaments and play styles of our pack members to address any behavioral concerns that may arise as they grow with us. Training is a life-long process for our canine friends and we work with our pack members and their families to address minor issues that might arise. We often send report cards, giving you a snap shot of their day while playing at daycare.

After the first day we let you know about the friends he made and our observations about his play style. As your dog becomes one of our regulars, we will let you know if we see any changes in his or her behavior and work with you if there are things you want us to watch for during group play. Dogs may need time outs during the day either in the large playroom, or separated from the group for a short time. If we are watching any behaviors or if your dog’s behavior changes, we will alert you and together we will work on any modifications necessary. If your dog becomes dangerous to staff or other dogs during pack play we will have to dismiss him or her from Doogie’s Doggie Daycare & Spa. Our goal is to help owners and dogs enjoy each other to their fullest capacity. So we will do everything we can to work with you before this course of action is taken, and offer resources for further help and training specific to your dog’s needs.

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