Safety is of the utmost importance at Doogie’s Doggie Daycare & Spa. For the health and safety of our guests, dogs must have the following:

  • To qualify for interactive daycare dogs are required to be spayed or neutered and temperament tested. (Pups younger than 9-months-old needn’t be spayed or neutered.)
  • Proof of current vaccinations including distemper/parvo and rabies (every year or three years depending on the vaccinations your veterinarian administers) and an annual Bordetella.
  • Grooming requirements are same as above, however, we only require Bordetella annually.
  • We do home vaccinations with the sticker with date and initials of person who administered it, hand written vaccinations, sticker books, pet passports, breeder vaccines.
  • Puppies must be over the age of 16 weeks and have had their puppy boosters. We require 3 distemper/parvo boosters, a current rabies vaccine and an annual Bordetella. Once they receive their last booster, there is a 5-day waiting period before they can come join in the fun.
  • In the event that your dog does not receive the distemper/parvo or rabies vaccinations (for health reasons/immunity), a “titer test” will need to be performed by your veterinarian. There is no “titer test” for the Bordetella, and will need to administered as required. A copy of the “titer test” results is required in lieu of vaccinations before coming in for any services.
  • Doogie’s highly recommends the Bivalent Canine Influenza Vaccine (H3N2 and H3N8) yearly. Please note that initially this is a boostered vaccine (boosters are 3-4 weeks apart).
  • Dogs diagnosed with Heartworms are not permitted in interactive daycare.
  • Dogs undergoing Heartworm treatment are not permitted for any services. Once the treatment for Heartworms is complete, veterinary recommendation is to wait 6 months before testing for Heartworms to avoid a false positive. Once your pup is clear of Heartworms, they are permitted to use the services at Doogie’s.
  • Non-spayed females that are in Heat or pregnant females are not permitted for any daycare services but can still be admitted for grooming.
  • Doogie’s is a flea-free environment. If a dog has fleas or other external parasites, the dog will be bathed at the owner’s expense. We will accept a dog with fleas but will need to know ahead of time and will go from door to flea bath before any daycare time. Please be sure to call us before entering the facilities so that we are prepared.
  • Check-in and check-out times are Monday – Friday: 6am – 6pm.
  • In an effort to provide great service for all of our grooming clients, please give us at least 24 hours’ notice in the event you need to make a cancellation.
  • Dogs that are registered have express check in available with just one click of the mouse. The same applies for checkout with a card on file or a package.

Your dog’s size and the condition of his or her coat may affect our grooming prices (i.e. matting, etc.) Don’t hesitate to contact our office for more information. Prices do not differ for daycare though based on size.

Yes! While your dogs are at Doogie’s they are under constant supervision, both inside and outside. We keep our dog to staff ratio small to make sure our pack play is safe and fun for everyone.

When you sign the Doogie’s Doggie Daycare & Spa waiver, you are consenting to emergency medical care in the event your pet(s) become seriously ill. We will make every attempt to contact you at the emergency phone number provided. However, if we cannot reach you, you can be assured your veterinarian, our on-call veterinarian, or the animal Emergency Veterinary Clinic will provide the best possible care for your pet(s). All veterinarian bills are the responsibility of the owner, regardless of the cause.

If you are new to Doogie’s Doggie Daycare & Spa, please be sure to complete the online reservation or call ahead to fill out paperwork and set up a time for us to get to know your dog and evaluate his play style and abilities. If you are already a client, you are welcome to drop in to Doogie’s Doggie Daycare anytime for a play date. However during busy times such as holiday breaks, or extremely hot or cold spells we can fill up. Reserve a spot when you are at Doogie’s, call ahead of time to reserve a spot, or reserve a spot with your online access. We are always available to help.

We want to provide our dogs and their caregivers with the best possible environment for safe and fun play. We keep to industry best practices by allowing a safe square footage per dog and keeping our staff to dog ratio  small to keep your dog’s experience safe and fun!

At Doggie’s Doggie Daycare & Spa we know that working on manners makes the day better for dogs, staff and owners alike. We will work with your dog on behaviors such as jumping up, pulling, nipping or excessive barking. Let us know how we can help you.
We have a few rules of politeness when we enter and exit Doogie’s Doggie Daycare & Spa.

All dogs must be leashed and in owner’s control until staff takes the dog.

Be aware of other leashed dogs in the lobby and parking lot, and watch your dog carefully as Superior Avenue is a busy street.

Our check in and check out area is in the lobby entry area. We will take your dog through the gate and bring him up the same way at the end of the day. Our gate system ensures all of our dogs are safe, and the back entry/exit prevents dogs from having to meet unannounced at the landing of our front door.

At Doogie’s Doggie Daycare Daycare & Spa we are committed to the safety, health and happiness of every kind of dog. We build our business on improving the lives of the dogs in our care. To that end, we developed a thorough application and evaluation process for our canine clients. All dogs must pass this before entering our group play environments. A small percentage will not make it due to excessive possessiveness, territorial behaviors or fear aggression

For new clients, our assessment appointment offers a chance for our team to meet you and your dog, answer any questions you may have, and show you our facilities. Dogs have different play styles and comfort levels and our staff is trained to watch each dog for the best fits. It’s a great way for you to get know us and feel comfortable with our facility. We evaluate your dog’s group play style and watch how he or she meets and greets staff and other dogs. Because we monitor our playgroups closely, we cannot make reservations for future visits until your dog successfully completes the assessment. At the end of the day we will give you a report about your evaluation. If your dog passes, you can return for future daycare fun.

After our dogs enter into pack play, our trained staff continually observes the temperaments and play styles of our pack members to address any behavioral concerns that may arise as they grow with us. Training is a life-long process for our canine friends and we work with our pack members and their families to address minor issues that might arise.

After the first day we give your dog a report card to let you know about the friends he made and our observations about his play style. As your dog becomes one of our regulars, we will let you know if we see any changes in his or her behavior and work with you if there are things you want us to watch for during group play. Dogs may need time outs during the day either in the large playroom, or separated from the group for a short time. If we are watching any behaviors or if your dog’s behavior changes, we will alert you and together we will work on any modifications necessary. If your dog becomes dangerous to staff or other dogs during pack play we will have to dismiss him or her from Doogie’s Doggie Daycare. Our goal is to help owners and dogs enjoy each other to their fullest capacity. So we will do everything we can to work with you before this course of action is taken, and offer resources for further help and training specific to your dog’s needs.

Yes, we evaluate all of the dogs prior to their first visit to Doogie’s Daycare & Spa whether it be a Great Dane or Chihuahua. We do this to ensure that all of the dogs who attend Daycare are a good fit for our program.

We do separate small and large dogs during Daycare for part or all of the day at times; however, we try to integrate them into one large pack if possible. All of the dogs that come here have to be nice, whether they are big or little. We find that dogs rarely look at each other in relation to size, but more so to their ability to communicate and interact appropriately using good dog manners. Sometimes we separate the smaller dogs for a while until they feel comfortable around all the other dogs in general.

Unfortunately, we do not offer individual daycare options. If your dog does not get along with other dogs and/or has shown aggression towards another dog, then our facility is not the one for you. Stop by to discuss with our staff your dog’s issues and tour our facility so that we may make recommendations to help you.

All dogs must be at least 9 months old and spayed or neutered.

Believe it or not, in the middle of the day most of the dogs are laying down in the gym enjoying group nap time together. If we find that a dog will benefit from a private nap, or rotate some of the dogs out periodically to help change the dynamic and to make accommodations for them.

Yes, you can, unless they are a puppy and it’s their first time receiving that vaccination. In that case, we request you wait 5 days before daycare.

Yes. The vaccine is about 85% effective and is similar to the human flu vaccine in the fact that it protects us from some but not all strains of the virus. We feel that 85% protection is better than 0%.

We require that all dogs attending daycare be on year round flea preventative. While it is unlikely that your dog will get fleas at daycare, there is always a possibility any time your dog is exposed to other animals. If your dog is on flea preventative and is exposed to a dog with fleas, you won’t have to worry about having a problem at home. Flea preventative is for your protection.

Of course, and we encourage you to do so! We know that being apart is difficult for both of you. You may call, email, facebook message, or text and check in on your dog as often as you wish. In the future, we are planning to have a webcam system to make it easier for you to watch your dogs online anytime.

Complete Forms Online

Doogie’s Doggie Daycare Application (PRINT)

Photos & Videos

  • Pets in in our facility may be used on the Doggie Daycare & Spa website, social media, lobby displays or in other marketing materials.
  • You consent to our use of your dog’s image and name in such marketing materials.
  • All photos and video images are the property of Doogie’s Doggie Daycare & Spa and may not be used by you without our prior written consent.


  • If any injury or medical problem develops while your dog is at Doogie’s Doggie Daycare & Spa, we are authorized to do whatever is deemed necessary for the safety, health and well-being of your dog and you agree to be responsible for any expense incurred.
  • In emergency situations, we always try to contact you. If we are unable to reach you, we will call the emergency contact number that you leave with us. Therefore, it is important that you leave an emergency contact number of someone that does not usually travel with you.
  • We will always put the health and safety of your dog first. If in our opinion, a situation needs to be addressed prior to being able to contact you, we will ensure that your dog receives treatment.
  • You are responsible for any expenses incurred, including transportation costs.

Group Play

  • Dogs that participate in group play at Doogie’s Doggie Daycare & Spaare in a cage-free environment and the dogs are co-mingling.
  • You understand that because of the open play environment, there are inherent risks, which, even when monitored by trained staff, may result in injuries including, but not limited to, broken nails, sore paw pads, puncture wounds, scratches and cuts, particularly in dogs with short hair.
  • You further understand that even when dogs are vaccinated, they can develop communicable illnesses such as, but not limited to, Bordetella (“kennel cough”) or canine papilloma virus (“puppy warts”).
  • You accept the risks involved and agree that Doogie’s Doggie Daycare & Spa is not liable for, and that you are responsible for, any expense incurred by you or Doogie’s Doggie Daycare & Spa, including, but not limited to, veterinary expenses, in connection with any injury to your dog, illness of your dog, or damage to any of your property, resulting from your dog’s presence at Doogie’s Doggie Daycare & Spa, for day care, bathing, grooming or for any other purpose.

Personal Items

  • Please do not bring valuable items with your dog as we shall not be responsible or liable for any lost, stolen or damaged personal property belonging either to you or your dog.


  • You agree to be responsible for yourself, your guests and your dog and to indemnify and hold Doogie’s Doggie Dacare & Spaharmless from all costs, damages, judgments and expenses including, but not limited to, reasonable attorney fees, incurred by Doogie’s Doggie Dacare & Spa arising out of any investigation, claim, demand or cause of action arising, directly or indirectly, wholly or in part, from any conduct, activity or act of you, your guests or your dog at Doogie’s Doggie Dacare & Spa or any event sponsored by Doogie’s Doggie Dacare & Spa, or your failure to provide complete, accurate and timely information to Doogie’s Doggie Dacare & Spa about your dog.


  • You are responsible for any damage or injury caused by your dog to any person or any property while your dog is at Doogie’s Doggie Dacare & Spa.
  • The foregoing notwithstanding, in no event will Doogie’s Doggie Dacare & Spa be liable for consequential, exemplary, special, indirect or incidental damages it being specifically agreed that no consequential or incidental damages are within the contemplation of the parties for breach of any part of this Agreement.
  • It is further specifically agreed that Doogie’s Doggie Dacare & Spa has no knowledge or reason to know of any general or particular requirements or needs of you or your dog which could give rise to consequential or incidental damages.

Right to Refuse

  • Doogie’s Doggie Dacare & Spa has the right to refuse service to you and your dog at any time and for any reason.
  • Doogie’s Doggie Dacare & Spa does not provide service to dogs that are too aggressive to be safely handled by our staff.
  • Doogie’s Doggie Dacare & Spa staff tries to work with owners to inform them of their dog’s behaviors and ways they may address when a dog’s behavior becomes repeatedly disruptive.
  • Dogs, like people, have different personalities, and not wanting to play with a group of other dogs does not make them “bad” dogs.


  • No dog may be abandoned at Doogie’s Doggie Dacare & Spa. If you need to extend your dog’s stay, you may call Doogie’s Doggie Dacare & Spa to change the time from a half day to a whole day.

Doogie’s Doggie Daycare & Spa policies may change at any time.  If any changes are made they will be posted to our website.

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